The Truth About Healthy Cat Foods

Through the ages, cats have developed a reputation for being indestructible. It is said they have nine lives. People believe cats always land on their feet, regardless of how far they fall; they laud the alley cat for the ability to survive fights with the toughest of dogs. But the truth of the matter is a cat is only as healthy and strong as his or her living conditions and his or her diet, in particular, will allow. 

A well-fed cat is easily distinguishable. The cat’s weight, the thickness, and  sheen of the coat, and the sturdiness of his or her build are all impacted by the amount and quality of the food eaten. Energy levels and motor coordination require a cat-particular ratio of protein-to-fats-to-carbohydrates. The nutrient density of food can help prevent disease, and likewise, if the food’s nutrition is inadequate, it will encourage disease. If you are going to help your cat attain the highest levels of health and wellness possible, you must be aware of the foods you choose to feed him or her. You must understand how they affect your cat, and choose them accordingly. 

What is in a name? 

Readers may notice that often a male cat is made reference to by the term “tom” but there does not seem to be a female nickname used within this text, which begs the question: If a male cat is called a tom,  then what is a female cat called? 
It may seem unfortunately banal, but a female cat is simply called a  she-cat. Those girls make up for it though when they are pregnant or nursing kittens. During that stage of a she-cat’s life, she is called a  “queen.” 
To clarify other cat terms used here: Whether it is a male or a female, a  tabby is a cat with stripes or brindled colors. It is not a breed. The word is derived from the Arabic word “attabiya,” which comes from  “Attabiy,” an ancient Baghdad neighborhood once famous for making striped cloth. Meanwhile, the rather cumbersome and less regal-sounding word, ailurophile describes humans who are cat lovers.
And while on the subject of cat name calling . . . 
A group of kittens is called a “kindle.” 
A group of grown cats is called a “clowder.” 
“Pride” is usually reserved to refer to a group of large, wild cats.  “Colony” is saved for a group of feral cats. 
And a group of cat-loving humans is called “a group of cat-loving humans.” 

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